The GBPA has reached out to all candidates for Council and Mayor over the past several weeks.  We believe this is a crucial election for cottagers, who for the first time, can vote online.  There are two candidates for Mayor and the GBPA has met with both and surveyed them for their ideas, policies and priorities. Based on this information we have determined that Peter Koetsier would make the best mayor for the Township.

Koetsier’s vision to protect the Bay and focus on environmental priorities is clearly best aligned with the GBPA’s mandate.  Among his priorities; Koetsier is committed to protecting water quality, value for cottager tax dollars and ensuring any development in the Township is environmentally sound and sustainable. You can learn more about Peter by clicking here.

Are you registered to vote?:

Georgian Bay Town Council elections are quickly approaching and are scheduled for October 22, 2018. For the first time, registered voters will be able to cast their ballot via phone and Internet. The GBPA has been advocating for these changes to voting in order to give cottagers a say in the governance of the Township. Cottagers have been underrepresented in previous elections given the archaic voting system that required cottagers to ‘vote-by-mail’ making voting extremely inconvenient for most eligible voters.

In order to vote you must register (you can register to vote up until October 22nd at 8:00pm) to do so by completing a few key steps and reviewing important information, which can be found on the GBPA website as well as an instructional video on ‘how to vote'.