What's going on?

The Georgian Bay Preservation Alliance has uncovered that Municipalities in Ontario have been dumping raw sewage into Ontario waterways at alarming rates.  Making matters worse, Municipalities are not required to report these dumping incidents publicly creating a potentially dangerous public health and environmental situation.

According to a verified Ministry of Ontario Environment and Climate Change data, the Municipalities dump sewage for uninterrupted hours at a time into the Georgian Bay Watershed during instances of "adverse weather." During these instances, the public is not notified despite the potential health risks associated with this action and the numerous strains on the environment it causes.

What are we doing?

The Georgian Bay Preservation Alliance is committed to ending sewage overflow practices and with your support. We are working with the provincial government to determine how to limit and stop sewage from entering Georgian Bay and our other great waterways. Furthermore, we are working to make these instances readily available to the public when they occur.

How can I help this campaign?

You can help this campaign by donating, sharing our efforts, and volunteering. Through your action—you are ensuring that our advocacy for the end of sewage overflow dumping into our waterways can continue.