[Georgian Bay, Ontario, June 22, 2018] The Georgian Bay Preservation Alliance has discovered through recent research that Municipalities in Ontario have been dumping raw sewage into Ontario waterways at alarming rates. Making maters worse, this dumping is not publicly published and could create serious public health issues. 

According to a verified Ministry of Ontario Environment and Climate Change data, numerous Municipalities dump sewage for uninterrupted hours a time into Georgian Bay during instances of ‘adverse weather’. During these instances, the public is not notified despite the potential health risks associated with this action and the numerous strains on the environment it causes.


Municipalities have been practicing this form of sewage dumping as a result or combination of; aging and undersized infrastructure and significant increases in severe weather events caused by climate change.


In 2016 alone, Municipalities in Ontario dumped sewage in the Georgian Bay Watershed for a staggering 325 hours and 15 minutes during approximately 43 different events. During this time approximately 18, 071.39 tonnes of sewage were dumped into those waterways, which is equal to a staggering 18,071,390.00 litres.


The Georgian Bay Preservation Alliance is committed to ensuring Municipalities end the practice of dumping raw sewage into Georgian Bay. We believe that protecting the water quality of our lakes and rivers must be a property for all Municipalities.


For More information please contact:


Jon Telch, Spokesperson

Georgian Bay Preservation Alliance

(647) 965-3706

Emrys Graefe